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So, I visited East Nashville’s new Barista Parlor this morning. I happened to have a little black notebook out in front of me as I sipped my brew, taking in the place.  Shortly, I began noticing that I was being noticed. It seemed to me that a few of the baristas were shooting concerned glances in my direction because I looked (with my notebook, glasses and pen at the ready) like I was there for the specific purpose of writing up a review of the place and the coffee. 

I wasn’t. I was there to meet up with someone and although I guess I was kind of looking around at everything and scribbling in a suspicious manner, I had actually decided to work a little on revamping portions of a children’s story I’ve been gradually writing. I got as far as "In the land of…" when it struck me that it might be fun to proceed with doing what I thought they thought I might be doing… which was reviewing Barista Parlor with the intent of doing a write up somewhere.

Well, this isn’t Nasvhille Scene, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to share what I jotted down. It reads as follows:

Barista Parlor: Thoughts

The large anchor (outside over the garage doors) helps… a little. A traditional sign would still be nice.


Spacious, stark, bright. Smells a bit like a wet dog inside-er-I mean, artisan coffee.

Bryce (McCloud)’s prints and massive ship piece are a delightful addition to the decor over all.

I am envying the folks who managed to secure one of the few ‘comfortable chairs’- I am stuck with one of the beautifully crafted, extremely awkward and slanted wooden stools which makes my rather bony posterior ache with each…

It was here that my meeting with a friend commenced as she walked through the door. I was going to add …each sip I take.  

All in all it was an enjoyable experience. I liked the airy spaciousness. I liked the chocolate-noted brew I was sipping. Hated how long it took me to find the place, even with the large anchor glowering at me over Gallatin (the old garage building is tucked behind the new Butcher Shoppe right off the road.)

So-to those baristas who might have suspected me of being a food blogger/coffee blogger, I’m not… but it was fun acting like one for a morning. For those reading, so long as you can spot it on Gallatin, I’d recommend giving BP an hour of your time some lazy morning when it strikes you to try something new (and happen to have the $ to spare) on artisan coffee, treats and chocolates.

*Barista Parlor pics courtesy of BP’s public Facebook profile.

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